Geelong Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating systems use natural convection and radiant heat to centrally heat your home, which means it doesn't dry out the air or create draughts and hot spots.

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The proprietor, Daniel, has been specialising in Heating and Cooling for over 17 years. Enjoy a constant even temperature throughout the whole house, enabling you to live like it's summer all year round.

How Does Under-floor Heating Work?

A high efficiency boiler heats water and circulates it through a network of the highest quality Tiemme PE -RT polyethylene pipe, laid into the floor slab. This is a low temperature system which keeps running costs to a minimum.

Effectively, this system transforms your floor slab into a slow release heat radiator, heating every room equally with clean radiant heat. Hydronic slab heating is ideal to run in conjunction with a heat pump.

For new construction, pipe is attached to the steel reinforcing mesh prior to the pouring of the structural slab. Pipe can be tied either with cable or wire ties.

Korado Radiators

Radiator heating systems operate by re-circulating hot water through a sealed pipe system to Korado radiators placed throughout the home. The hot water is heated by an integrated heat pump system, super efficient Radiant gas fired boiler or a wood fire boiler. It’s as simple as that. No other heating system can deliver the quiet, hygienic warmth of hydronics.

Conventionally, a Korado radiator heating system requires a separate boiler to the one which provides hot water for drinking & general use, now with heat pump technology, both can be supplied from the one source.

Each Korado panel can be individually controlled. Proving the ultimate comfort in each room. Living areas can be warmer than bedrooms or rooms tailored to suit their occupant.

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